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Initial Informational Call

Feel free to reach out to us at any time to chat about your upcoming projects. During our conversation, we’ll delve into the project’s scope, budget considerations, and your target demographic. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of our process and explore whether our expertise aligns with the needs and goals of your project.

Brainstorming Site Visit

During this visit, we’ll explore the project in detail, discussing floor layout, brainstorming creative ideas for furniture placement, and making recommendations on how to optimize the property’s use of space. We’ll also take precise measurements, identify opportunities to create a visual impact, and provide valuable suggestions on how to effectively showcase the property’s unique features.

Design Preview

We’re excited to share our concept designs with you and present our design boards, floor plans, and 3D renderings that bring our vision for the property to life. We can arrange for this presentation either as an in-person meeting at our Atlanta office or via a convenient Zoom call.

Design Plan Approval

Once any necessary adjustments have been made and all stakeholders are in agreement, we kick off the meticulous process of ordering the FF&E products and scheduling meetings with contractors and external resources. We’ll promptly provide all the required documentation to support each individual’s role within the project.


The installation of your items will be scheduled once all the ordered items have arrived, and the property is fully prepared to receive the new FF&E.
We arrange for all items to be shipped to a local receiver, who will store the products until the installation date arrives.
Our dedicated team, based in Atlanta, will then travel to your destination, ensuring each piece is meticulously placed in its designated spot. We take great care to make this process seamless and efficient for you.

Ongoing Relationship

Our client relationships are incredibly important to us. In fact, a substantial number of our projects originate from referrals by delighted clients.
Beyond project completion, we remain at your service for any necessary tweaks, consultations, and potential future collaborations. We take pride in fostering enduring partnerships, aiming to be a consistent and valuable part of your team for all your upcoming projects.